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Nexsound - Wayward Music

Ojra and Kiritchenko - A tangle of Mokosha - CD

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1 December 2000
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Nexsound has been dedicated to the unusual and experimental music, both acoustic and electronic, that could be of any style and trend released on CDs and MP3 files. The term that describes music released by Nexsound best is probably "environmental music", and it is often like "indocile ambient". Nexsound music envelops you, listening to it feels like immersing into the very special atmosphere that this music creates, and thus it is intended rather for private listening. We pay the very special attention to the package of CDs released, so they look and feel very nice.
From May, 2005 Nexsound hosts international festival for electronic music and visual arts - Detali Zvuku.
From May 2005 till mid 2007 Nexsound had Live Reports online sub-label to release live performances of Nexsound artists. Live Reports now goes its own way.
Founded in 2000 by Andrey Kiritchenko in Kharkiv city / Ukraine. From 2003 till june 2007 Nexsound was co-operated by Dmytro Fedorenko (Kotra).

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